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Training services

For directors

This can be a bespoke course agreed with the company that covers all areas relevant for that company - for example, if it is a charity, then the requirements under the Charities Act are covered as well as under the Companies Act Under the new Companies Act, there is increased legal exposure for Directors. It is easier now for any member to challenge a director(s) on his/her actions through the courts. Directors carry absolute responsibility for all activities in a company and can even be made personally liable - if a company goes into insolvent liquidation, liquidators often look to see if they can recover any lost money from the Directors in the event that they have not acted with proper duty and care.

When new Directors join a board, to ensure that they are aware of their responsibilities, they should go through a process of induction. This involves making them aware of their legal responsibilities as well as educating them in the business of the company and in how it is run. A timetable can be agreed where a new Director not only has a session on the legal side but also has the opportunity to visit different departments of the business to learn about each area. This makes them a more useful and informed board member from day one.

For executives

The role of Chief Executive can be a lonely one. You are responsible for the day to day running of the company. You have to satisfy the board that you are doing all that is necessary and correct. You have to ensure that all the staff performs to expectations. With my vast and wide experience of business, I can act as a sounding board and mentor to a Chief Executive.

With many years working with boards as Company Secretary and, more recently having taken a couple of voluntary Director posts (for one, I now act as Chair), I can be a very useful Non-Executive Director for growing companies. I have strong knowledge of governance, company law and company administration as well as having picked up a wide area of knowledge including an understanding of HR, finance, marketing, strategy and so on - I have a good business head.

For company secretaries

Like the role of the Chief Executive, the role of the Company Secretary can, at times be challenging and lonely. The Company Secretary is a board appointment and should act as the conscience of the company. We can provide training for Company Secretaries - and provide them with real life examples and guidance. We can act as a sounding board and mentor.

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